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The Classic Sport Boot Unchanged Since It's introduction

Built for Minnesota Iron Miners, Perfect for any Adventure

Visit Red Wing Heritage NYC at 116 Franklin st NY, NY

independent - Ultimate Twill 3 ply cotton

Foundation - 12oz 100% cotton Canvas

Ranger short - rugged 8oz canvas

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Short or Long sleeve, 100% cotton indigo chambray

soft, comfortable,durable 100% cotton made in usa

heartland jacket - 120z state side canvas

Free shipping on all orders over $100

Red Wing Heritage NYC

The Red Wing Heritage store in New York began its existence as a “pop-up shop” in a partnership with grown and sewn., in order that we could share a space with a similarly-minded brand in the heart of one of the most important retail markets in the world.

 REd Wing Heritage NYC NEon
The partnership  proved natural and successful, and has evolved into a permanent showroom and retail space for the Red Wing Heritage brand - boasting the most expansive collection of both men’s and women’s Heritage styles on display and in-stock outside of Red Wing, Minnesota.


 Red Wing NYC Turntable

We are excited to be able to offer a focused approach to Red Wing Heritage footwear in a retail setting, both in terms of fit and style, and our knowledgeable and passionate staff are ready and able to meet the needs of both the true aficionado as well as the first-time buyer - so you can be certain that you leave with exactly the right shoe, in exactly the right size.