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Walsh Work Shirt

As for the Walsh shirt,
I like that the medium doesn't feel tight in the shoulders as many others I've tried do, yet it's still a tailored look and feel with room for movement.
The canvas material on the shirt is especially nice and
reminds me that I need to wear thicker shirts more often.
It's thick but it breathes.
I love the buttons too - they are eye-catching but not loud.

As I'd like to think is the reason some folks buy my work,
the human element behind the product is legitimate and refreshing.

Union Double Knee Pant

First and foremost, they fit great. They aren't tight and aren't baggy.
There's room for movement but they are thoughtfully fitted and true to size.
The Espresso color really hides the carbon dust from my shop.
The details add up - the stitching, tagging (is that even a thing?)
and the simplicity of the double knee becoming the pocket up top... I love that.
Also, the buttons are substantial.
The fabric is comfortable out of the box but also seems hearty and durable.
I LOVE that they're made with domestically woven canvas in the United States.