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After Bauhaus broke up everyone In the band who wasn’t Peter Murphy went on to make great record after great record after great record while the Bauhaus front man himself went on to release a bunch of , you know, pretty okay stuff. 

But within all of that “pretty okay stuff” there was Deep and Love Hysteria. 
Each one of them has at least 2 straight up, certified bangers.
love Hysteria has ‘all night long’ and ‘indigo eyes’, Deep has ‘a strange kind of love’ and ‘cuts you up’ of which the latter is probably one of the best tracks of the late 80’s. 
Both albums are wonderful, and before these reissues came along  I was pretty tempted to spend big bucks on the originals, so I’m pretty happy these exist now and are readily available . They’re  not expensive, pressed on cool colored wax and  sound great. Buy them both. 
Especially if you’re one of those people who pretend to actually like Bauhaus. This is better than most anything they actually recorded anyway, sorry.




A1 All Night Long 5:42
A2 His Circle And Hers Meet 6:01
A3 Dragnet Drag 5:46
A4 Socrates The Python 6:47
B1 Indigo Eyes 5:54
B2 Time Has Got Nothing To Do With It 5:21
B3 Blind Sublime 3:55
B4 My Last Two Weeks 6:38
B5 Funtime 3:49

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