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Leather Cream vs. Boot Cream

Here’s another area where you may feel you are not being given as complete a picture as you might require to determine which of these products is right for your  boots. We should establish right away - leather cream is also very much intended (almost exclusively) for boots, and boot-grade leather. While it can be used on leather goods such as wallets and belts to great effect (depending somewhat on how they are tanned and finished), it should not be taken to mean that it is intended for use on all leathers; so, please don’t go smearing it onto your favorite leather jackets without prejudice. And while boot cream may suggest that it is appropriate for any old pair, this is not necessarily the case - I will attempt once more to provide enough information that you feel you can confidently select which approach(es) best suit(s) your needs. 

  • Leather Cream(LC) is made from a proprietary neatsfoot oil blend, and is designed to maintain ONLY the health of the leather - it is not intended to affect the appearance of the leather at all, other than to keep it looking healthy and supple in order to best display its natural beauty and brilliance.

  • Boot Cream (BC), alternatively, comes in a variety of pigmented color options - in stark contrast to LC, it is designed ONLY to affect the appearance of the leather, and has very little effect overall on the leather’s health - other than to seal some of the oils and moisture in, and some water out - but this is as a byproduct of its intended use, which is to correct surface scuffing and scratches and restore finish on smooth-finished leathers by its blend of high-quality waxes, solvents, and lanolin that is formulated to lubricate the leather’s surface, and inherently prevents drying and increases water repellency.

  • LC is invaluable as a care tool in that it is extremely effective for softening and restoring dry and brittle leather, and if used intermittently, can keep boots supple and healthy and prevent them from ever falling into a state of disrepair; and it does this without having any modifying or substantial darkening effect on lighter-colored leathers, allowing them to keep their brightness of tone and beauty for years and years. However - it has virtually no protective component, and does not offer any increase in water resistance, so you may find yourself caring for scratches and scuffs somewhat more frequently than if you were to use a more comprehensive care product like Mink Oil or All-Natural Leather Conditioner.

  • BC is an excellent resource when it comes to our smooth-finished and dress leathers; and especially so because it is offered in Neutral cream, as well as three pigmented creams - Black, Brown, and Burgundy. Because these types of leathers have a more extensive finishing coat applied to the surface, which allows them to be shined more effectively and protects the somewhat more sensitive nature of the fine leathers employed, using oil-based care products to keep them healthy can darken the leather inconsistently where the finish has been scuffed or worn away. Restoring the finish with the appropriate cream will keep the finish as uniform as possible, and will restore the protective barrier than has been worn down through time and use. Boot cream can also be used to achieve a spectacular shine - and its components are designed especially for use on Red Wing leathers, so they will not have the detrimental effects associated with long term use of polishes; they also tend to achieve what we have found to be a more natural, less aggressive shine on boot leather.