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The Classic Sport Boot Unchanged Since It's introduction

Built for Minnesota Iron Miners, Perfect for any Adventure

Visit Red Wing Heritage NYC at 116 Franklin st NY, NY

independent - Ultimate Twill 3 ply cotton

Foundation - 12oz 100% cotton Canvas

Ranger short - rugged 8oz canvas

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Short or Long sleeve, 100% cotton indigo chambray

soft, comfortable,durable 100% cotton made in usa

heartland jacket - 120z state side canvas

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Mold Preventer NO. 97100


In response to feedback from longtime Red Wing fans, our product team developed a Mold Preventer. Suitable for all climates, but especially useful in humid areas, our Mold Preventer is an added line of security in ensuring the longevity of your Red Wings.

  • 4 oz (118 ml)
  • Made in USA