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Lawrence Massachusetts, (the city I was born in) 1929 two Italian immigrant brothers, Nicholas and Vito Grieco began manufacturing high-end mens suits under the name “Grieco Bros. Inc” and soon after built a reputation for producing some of the highest quality traditional garments anywhere in the world eventually clothing several US presidents from Harry S. Truman to George Bush Senior.Grieco Bros. Inc remained in business long enough to outlast its founders ability to manage it, and was handed down to Nicholas’s son Richard (not that one).

When Richard retired he sold the company and it was reincorporated as Southwick the brand that we know today.

As time went on Southwick continued to maintain the Grieco brothers legacy of making expertly tailored mens suits in their original home in New England and were eventually acquired by Brooks Brothers who moved the factory from Lawrence, MA to Haverhill, MA where it remained until July of 2020 when pandemic induced circumstances forced the company to close its doors after just under 100 years in operation.

Fast forward to today and Southwick is back,better than ever by some of our friends in Japan.

Suiting, the staples of the Southwick collection. 

With a wide assortment of recreated and slightly reimagined traditional American garments and manufactured right here in New York by a world class mens suiting manufacturer using the highest quality fabrics to be found anywhere in the world.With no corners cut and no detail overlooked.Southwick is hands down the best traditional mens suiting to be found anywhere in the world and grown and sewn is extremely proud to the only official partner in the USA.

Southwick RE:BORN by SHIPS

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