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    WW2 Era Eisenhower Jacket sz(44L)

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    Size 44/Large

    General Dwight Eisenhower considered the original World War II uniform to be poorly suited for combat - he felt it fit badly, and was restrictive to natural movement. Eisenhower wanted a uniform that would be neater. He had his tailor take a Wool Field Jacket Model 1944 and modify it to his specifications. He wanted a style which could be worn by itself or over a shirt, stemming from his appreciation of the functionality of the British Battledress jacket.

    While visiting the VII Bomber Command in England in 1942, Eisenhower openly admired a uniform jacket worn by Major General Ira C. Eaker - thereafter, Eisenhower had similar jackets made in the same style.According to an aide, Eisenhower wanted the jacket to be "very short, very comfortable, and very natty looking." The “Ike jacket” became standard issue for U.S. troops beginning in November 1944. While it was intended for wear in battle, most soldiers preferred to save the "Ike jacket" for non-combat situations.

    • Original WWII Era Jacket
    • 100% Wool
    • Olive Drab
    • Pleated Back; Adjustable Waistband
    • Bellows Chest Pockets; Fly-Front Button Placket
    • Dated July, 1944
    • Made in USA