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Custom developed or painstakingly sourced, Our fabric selection for each garment is carefully considered to meet our extremely high standards of quality, fit and finish.

Our State-Side canvas represents what grown and sewn is all about. Simple, durable, and practical. 

Custom developed with Kurabo Mills, Japan. This is the fabric our original prototypes were made from.

8oz 100% cotton brushed canvas is the softer, lighterweight cousin to the State-Side canvas. 

Developed in Britain in the 14th century Bedford cord has truly stood the test of time

'Water illies' Exhibition by Billy Martin

Join us for the Billy Martin 'Water illies' opening at Grown and Sewn on Sat Jun 03 2023 at 18:00:00 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time). This in-person event will be held at 145 Columbia Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231.

BIlly Martin, legendary drummer / percussionist and all around supremely gifted artist; will be showing his first ever all watercolor exhibition at Grown and Sewn's humble Brooklyn, NY showroom for an entire month starting with an opening party w/ musical performance on Sat, June 3 and closing on July 8th.

Art will be for sale, refreshments may possibly be served, a great time will definitely be had.

Graphic Scores.

They say that art is how you decorate your space and music is how you decorate your time.

Well, here you sort of have the best of both worlds don't you?

Hang it up on your wall and try to perform it?


"yes, so Medeski martin wood used to rent a tin roof shack in the jungle in Hawaii. That’s where we hung out in the winter time for about a month I would bring my art supplies and draw on all kinds of found paper and old plywood and stuff like that. One day we saw all these Cardinals in front, eating that coconut meat out of our coconuts that we cracked open so I started drawing them right there and that was the beginning of the birds."

And the rest is history.


Are they humans? Are they Oids? We may never know. But what we do know is that they are really cool. I’m partial to the kid with the ball and the trumpet man who looks like Lester Bowie. Either way, this guy just keeps painting non-stop hits.


Pretty sure these are totally up to the viewers interpretation. They're all beautiful and work literally anywhere. Hang one up and ask whoever looks a it what they see, most likely get a different answer from everyone and how fun is that??