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Billy Martin - 'ILLY B EATS (Vol. 1) GROOVE, BANG AND JIVE AROUND' Vinyl Record

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"check the vibe - live drums meet the break beat era - you definitely wanna check in with two copies of this joint - strictly bangin' wildstylz on ya decks - live drums set the standard, and all other breakz are just loops... not just another break record.Illy B flips drum rolls, snare fills all that ill sh*t that make breaks so dope. I repeat: two copies"
-Dj Spooky that SubliminalKid

"illy B is always eatin the best s**t - forget what you heard, the second M in MMW steps to the front of the live hip-hop game by blazing beats heard round the world. can the drummer get some? illy has enough to feed the world, come take a taste of the best soul-food a DJ can find - fresh cooked beats...not like your momma makes"
- dj logic, bronx new york


The title Groove Bang and Jive Around was inspired by
Steve Cannon's book of the same name.