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The Independent

A staple in the GS collection.This pant is built from our custom,  three-plyUltimate Twill that has become a favorite due to itscomfort and durability.We work closely with a small, family owned factory in San Francisco to ensure quality and consistent product; wear well, this paironly gets better.

We know that sometimes less is more.And more often than not the most important details are the ones that aren't there at all.
Less going on means less can go wrong. If the foundation of your wardrobe is a pair of simple, durable pants it's one less thing to worry about.


Less is more

To make a perfectly well rounded product we use only  the highest-quality materials from the best fabric mills in the world to create versatile, effortless garments that get better with every wear.
No matter the occasion, activity, or environment. 


Go anywhere, do anything

We also know that it's very rare to come across any garment from years past that doesn't look out of place today. We think about this a lot during the design process and go to great lengths to make sure that all of our products are produced using time-tested techniques but simple, timeless qualities.


Future Heirloom