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    independent - Ultimate Twill 3 ply cotton

    Foundation - 12oz 100% cotton Canvas

    Ranger short - rugged 8oz canvas

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    Short or Long sleeve, 100% cotton indigo chambray

    soft, comfortable,durable 100% cotton made in usa

    heartland jacket - 120z state side canvas

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    Whether you’re a pharmacist, an architect, a graphic designer, blacksmith or lumberjack - our products are designed with you in mind

    For over a decade, we have been designing and manufacturing high quality, durable, and great-looking garments suitable for any environment or occasion. 

    grown and sewn.'s Founder and Lead Designer, Rob Magness, cut his teeth as a Design Director at Ralph Lauren before striking out on his own to pursue the noble task of re-imagining and redesigning the khaki pant.  By combining the fit, attitude, and guts of our favorite pair of jeans with the timeless influence and understated appeal of khaki, we sought to infuse a long-overlooked American classic with new life - and the FOUNDATION was born. 

    Over the years, we've come to realize that the clothes that we reach for most often when getting dressed for the day are the pieces that don't make too much of a statement on their own; and that we didn't have to think about whether or not they would be appropriate inevitable variety of tasks at hand.

    If we had to plan for a day at the office of important meetings, or a day off spent hanging out with friends; even a fancy date or some tough manual labor; we work hard to make sure that no matter what we grabbed from the wardrobe, it would be more than up to the task - not only in terms of style and comfort, but toughness as well. 

    That’s why, when we’re designing products, we do our best to always source the most premium, long-wearing fabrics available. Then, we render them in fits that compliment everyone who puts them on, no matter their size, shape or age, and build them exclusively in American Factories using time-honored, traditional construction methods.

    And, most importantly - the primary objective of everything we make is to always compliment and facilitate the personal style of the wearer, without stealing the spotlight from the most important element of the outfit:


    - Grown and Sewn.

    proudly made in the U.S.A.