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    Our Story

    A truly great item is hard to come by - the goal of grown and sewn. is to create a line of classic, distinct, and innovative products without compromise. A team determined to craft iconic, functional garments drives the brand;

    the first signature product we released in the Fall of 2009 were our khaki pants. The simple premise was to recreate the way we think about khakis - an American original had become a bland afterthought where people walked into the store and were asked if they'd prefer 'Pleated or Plain.'




    Problem solved - we took the timeless influence of the perfect khaki pant and infused it with all the reasons you love your favorite pair of jeans - fit, attitude, and guts - and rendered it in our truly ultimate khaki twills to build the perfect pant. Custom fabric, hardware and washes come together to create the perfect look, weight and feel of our signature products - all made proudly in the USA.



     With the congress of heritage and innovation as our guiding principle, grown and sewn. is always seeking to challenge modern conventions by taking inspiration from the truly classic and adding some of our own contemporary sensibilities. All combined with our dedication to integrity at every step of the process, from design to production, results in what we feel is a truly great product.