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    "The best pieces were always the garments that were authentic, well-crafted, and made with integrity; all attributes we put into our products."

     -Rob Magness , Founder and lead designer                                               

    The Red Wing Heritage store in New York began its existence as a “pop-up shop” in a partnership with grown and sewn., in order that we could share a space with a similarly-minded brand in the heart of one of the most important retail markets in the world
    Here’s another area where you may feel you are not being given as complete a picture as you might require to determine which of these products is right for your boots.
    What even is the difference? They both have mink oil, and they both purport to be designed to treat oil tanned leathers - so how do I know which to use?
    Not to worry - while we ultimately can not tell you which care product to use on your beloved boots

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