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Mike Doughty

   This is the first of what will be an ongoing series where we find ourselves able to sit down with and hear from our friends and hero’s about who they are, what they do, and why they enjoy and or identify with grown and sewn.

We’ve made a lot of amazing friends along the way; doing what we do. And all of these friends continue to inspire and elevate us everyday. 

Occasionally we get lucky enough to connect with people that have been inspiring us long before we even started making clothes. And last month we got the opportunity to do just that. 

Mike Doughty, a musician who’s been making brilliant music from the 1990’s until today and has been bringing joy to our ears and hearts the whole time. 

So, click play on the video below and find out more about Mike and his thoughts on grown and sewn and men’s apparel in general. 

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Mike Doughty

Here's a small sampling of Mike's music that are some of our favorites and we think provides a good introduction to get you started. 


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