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I’ll start off by saying this. 

If we’ve learned anything these past few years it’s that canvas one of the best materials for just about any garment. 

Our 8 and 12oz Canvas Foundation Pants, the Canvas Heartland Jacket, and the Walsh Classic Work Shirt in Canvas sell really well for us and almost every time someone buys one they come back for more, a different color, etc. 

When we decided to make the Ranger Short in the Canvas material people asked (and still do) “aren’t they a little heavy for something that’s supposed to keep you cool for the summer?” 

They're shorts, literally 70+% of your legs are exposed also, the canvas is surprisingly breathable, so no. they’re not hot at all. 

What they ARE though, is comfortable, long lasting and pretty nice looking (if you ask me). 

Shorts are the go to garment for summer activities and that’s why they’re typically lightweight breathable and stretchy. But what about when you want to do those activities but you don’t want to look like it? You still want to look somewhat put together but you plan on going for a hike, a bike ride or do some work around the house. 

These shorts will do it all, and then then some. 


Personally, I wear these shorts every single day in the summer and I ride a bike back and forth to work and thetas about 13 miles a day so I need to make sure whatever I’m wearing is comfortable for a lot of leg movement but also won’t blow out in the seat after a few months, and I can’t tell you how many other pairs of shorts have become useless after one summer because they have a huge hole in the crotch area from too much riding of the bike. 

I have 4 pairs of these Canvas Ranger shorts that I’ve been wearing for the past 4 years and not a single pair is even close to blowing out. 



How do they fit? Good question. 

Like the rest of the Canvas Garments we make they’re pretty malleable. For example I tend to buy mine almost as snug as I can get because I know that after a few hours of activity in them they stretch enough in all of the places I need them to as to provide a comfortable fit in the waist and good range of movement where-ever I need it. 

If I wear them everyday for a few weeks and they start getting a little “too big” I bring them next door to my laundromat and have them do whatever it is they do with wash and fold, which I’m pretty sure consists of a regular cycle in the machine and then drying them on hot. 

They shrink right back down to around what they were like when I first put them on and within a few hours of wear they’re back to being perfect again. 


Do they fade a little when I do that? They sure do but I don’t mind it I think it ads character to them.  If you’re someone who doesn’t want them to fade much, just hand wash them and hang dry them that should do the trick. 


Bottom line, if you’re in the market for a pair of awesome go anywhere do anything shorts that will treat you well, look great and last you the better part of a lifetime, clic your way over to the shorts section of our website and get yourself a pair of the Canvas Ranger Shorts. 





You don't have to take my word for it. Head over to the Stridewise YouTube channel and see his review where they won "best overall" in his "The 5 Best "Heritage" Style Shorts for Rugged Guys"



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