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    Industrial sewing machine

    grown&sewn is rooted in American culture and workmanship. We are proud to be a Made In USA brand, making our product in the USA allows us to closely monitor the process from beginning to end. This allows us to offer special finishes and ensure we don't miss the great details.

    Fabric and Hardware

    We spend a lot of time and research sourcing and developing the best possible raw materials. On the hunt for the perfect fabric, we custom developed our signature 3 ply twill: tightly constructed yet soft and durable.

    Authentic Washes and Hand Treatments

    Each wash is carefully reviewed and tested, so that the perfect finish is achieved. Pumice stones, enzymes and softeners add character and authenticity.

    Hand Treatments are used on small lots of production so that we can achieve a one of a kind look and feel. This is only possible when each garment is worked on, one by one.