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The Classic Sport Boot Unchanged Since It's introduction

Built for Minnesota Iron Miners, Perfect for any Adventure

Visit Red Wing Heritage NYC at 116 Franklin st NY, NY

independent - Ultimate Twill 3 ply cotton

Foundation - 12oz 100% cotton Canvas

Ranger short - rugged 8oz canvas

Free shipping on all orders over $100

Short or Long sleeve, 100% cotton indigo chambray

soft, comfortable,durable 100% cotton made in usa

heartland jacket - 120z state side canvas

Free shipping on all orders over $100

Red Wing Heritage X grown and sewn. X Hudson Whiskey NY Icons Event

Come and visit us for the first in-store event in almost 2 years.

We love NYC more than anything and now that this amazing city is opening back up after the one of the craziest global events of my lifetime we wanted to get back together with our friends and make a toast to everything that makes NYC what it is, the people. The ones that shaped how this city is viewed by the rest of the world and what makes it such an amazing place to be. Music is the first thing that comes to mind so, enjoy this playlist that we put together and get ready for the event. We will be offering complimentary cocktails courtesy of Hudson NY Whiskey and spinning and selling records provided by one of our friends from a local NYC record shop. Playlist         RSVP 

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