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    independent - Ultimate Twill 3 ply cotton

    Foundation - 12oz 100% cotton Canvas

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    soft, comfortable,durable 100% cotton made in usa

    heartland jacket - 120z state side canvas

    Free shipping on all orders over $100 Best "HERITAGE" Style Shorts Best "HERITAGE" Style Shorts | grown&sewn

    Nick English AKA: Stridewise is a YouTube personality from Australia who currently lives right here in NYC. We met Nick a while ago because of our Red Wing Heritage store in Manhattan. 

    Turns out he really likes our stuff, which is amazing because we really value his knowledge and what he does for the community at large. To say that we're honored to be on any of his "best-of" lists would be an understatement. 

     Click here to watch the read the whole article and see the video. 

    Thanks again, Nick