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Custom developed or painstakingly sourced, Our fabric selection for each garment is carefully considered to meet our extremely high standards of quality, fit and finish.

Our State-Side canvas represents what grown and sewn is all about. Simple, durable, and practical. 

Custom developed with Kurabo Mills, Japan. This is the fabric our original prototypes were made from.

8oz 100% cotton brushed canvas is the softer, lighterweight cousin to the State-Side canvas. 

Developed in Britain in the 14th century Bedford cord has truly stood the test of time

Red Wing Shoes® Limited Edition Irish Setter Collection

In 1950, the Red Wing Shoe Company® created a boot designed specifically for sportsmen made with leather that was tanned with the bark of the sequoia tree, giving it an orange color. Named the “Irish Setter,” this boot gained immediate popularity. Now, for a limited time only, they are re-releasing the Irish Setter® in two styles. The 9875 6-Inch Moc Toe and 9866 Pecos feature 7 details that make these exactly as the original Irish Setter boots appeared in the 1950s:

1. Woven Irish Setter label
2. Gold Russet Sequoia leather
3. Additional bar-tack stitching on Moc Toe
4. Double Puritan chainstitch at the top of the boot
5. White, mahogany and sage thread
6. Leather laces
7. Irish Setter® side label on shoe box

The Irish Setter collection really takes you back to 1950. The collection is only for sale at certain retailers, they are available herefor a limited time!

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