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    1950's Hercules Railman's Jacket

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    Indigo Chore Coat/Railman's Jacket

    Size XL/44

    From 1908 to 1965, Hercules became one of Sears' most widely used brand names and was applied to products such as work clothing, appliances, and even insurance (Hercules Life Insurance Company, owned by Sears). Other Hercules-brand products included sewage systems, letterman's jackets, and fire extinguishers.

    The two products most closely tied to the Hercules name were heavy-duty coveralls and home heating systems. The coveralls apparently matched the strength of their mythical namesake, as Sears offered a lifetime guarantee on them.

    Sears sold Hercules work clothes for boys and women and offered a complete line of Hercules uniforms. During World War II, many women working at defense plants wore Hercules work clothes.

    Hercules' last appearance in the Sears catalog was a cotton bandana sold in the fall/winter 1964-1965 catalog.

    • Beautiful Hercules Label Railman's chore jacket
    • Unlined
    • Genuine Branded Brass Shank Buttons
    • Circa 1950's
    • Rare deep blue indigo color
    • Very good condition
    • Authentic Collectible Denim Chore Coat from 1950's